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True Storytelling

- Lasting Impression

Together we will build the perfect balancing act of content and beautiful visuals that will leave your target audience buzzing and more importantly remembering all the key points.


Have them at hello! Your audience is ready to get out their mobile devices and painfully pass as much time as possible with the presenters voice a subtle monotone droning sound in the distance. 

Our formula is built to get them to sit up in there seats, pleasantly caught off guard by being intruiged by the combination of stunning relevant supporting images which adds an edge to even the dullest of topics out there. 

The point is to get them to listen to the speaker, but the visual cues is how they remember the important takeaways.

Connect with Audience

There is a certain psychology into using the right visual at the right time depending on your audience and the type of presentation. Be it a sales pitch, an investor deck, or a big keynote. We have 15 years of expertise to guide you through that process. 

Agency Quality

Fraction of Cost

We're very aware of the cost an agency charges for high impact presentation design services. We specialize in producing the same quality work without costing you half your annual budget.



Most importantly your audience will literally stop and ask you about the visual design work, compliment, then remember you because of it. Leading to call backs, discussions, and ultimately deals.


Tip of the Sword

Whether it's the first step in peaking a potential

clients interest in a webinar, or down to the last few companies fighting tooth and nail to close the deal. A well designed powerpoint that leaves you as the stand out could be just the difference to ring that bell.

Lasting Impression
Tip of the sword
Why 26Twelve

Storytelling through visuals

The power of a strong supporting visual can be so simple but can take hours to find that perfect image. We have many experienced methods to help get your story told in the simplest but most impactful way.


High Impact Executive

Keynote Events

10+ years experience working directly with executives and producing some of the most cutting edge, exciting and succesful keynotes for large annual user conferences, etc from start ups to $2B tech giants.

Executive Keynotes

View Work

Just a small sample size. To view more please visit facebook or click below:


Kenan Frager

Head of Marketing, ZenProspect

26Twelve Studios does incredibly high quality work that really stands out. The highlight of 26Twelve's approach is unique Powerpoint design, animated graphics, and visual ways to represent talking points.  I find their work to be highly effective and always a unique, fresh take.

Chester Guo

Creative Lead,


Jeff is not only an ultra talented designer. What is more impressive about him is his ability to work with people of all level and his understand of how to tell their stories to the desired audiences. That's something you don't learn in class or through experience. You either have it or you don't."

Lisa Xu 



26Twelve has always been there when we need them, even under the tightest deadlines they have always come through with original ideas and left lasting impressions on our audiences, most importantly at a fair price.

Kevin Bohan 

Marketing Director,

TIBCO Software

26Twelve has not only excited the TIBCO executive team for years by the quality and originality of work but has been a joy to collaborate with on all levels from face to face to last minute remote touch ups. Always counted on to make that difference we need.

Easy Time Saving Approach

We have a very easy proven formula to relieve as much work from the process from your side. A couple of quick phone calls and a bare bones draft can be converted into a work of art. Just turn it over to us and get on with your other important tasks.


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Time Saving
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